Student Center Operations
General Activity Request Form (GARF)
(Revised February 2013)
Norfolk State University
Important Notes:
1. All media equipment request (i.e. VCR, TV, Overhead Projector, Screen) MUST be made directly through the Office of Information Technology (OIT) ext. 2898 or at least seven (7) days prior to the event.
2. All facility requests for the Wilder Center MUST be made directly through the Wilder Administrative Office @ ext. 2061.
3. All facility requests for Scott Dozier and/or catering MUST be made directly through Catering Services @ ext 8304.
4. Microphone Service request after 5:00 pm or on Weekends must be prepaid to Facilities Management @ ext 2451 prior to approval of GARF request.
5. Requests for use of Robinson Technology Center must be made through College of Science, Engineering & Technology @ ext 9446.
6. Non Pepsi products are not allowed on NSU campus.
7. All facility requests for Brown Memorial Hall Theatre MUST be made directly through the Director of Theatre @ ext. 2897.

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The Student Center Operations requires student organizations to donate 25% of the proceeds to Norfolk State University Office of Advancement Scholarship Fund and agree to pay Campus Police for additional security.

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Chair(s) Microphone(s) Projector & Screen
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