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Norfolk State University is dedicated to providing “a high-quality academic preparation of its students so that they will contribute to a global and rapidly changing society.” Therefore, your feedback is extremely important to us. All students are encouraged to evaluate ALL their classes. The information provided will be part of our ongoing efforts to improve course design, instructional delivery, and teaching effectiveness.

The usefulness of your feedback will depend on the quality of the information you provide, so please take your responsibility in completing the evaluation survey (13 questions) seriously and encourage your friends and classmates to do the same.

Your survey is anonymous and confidential. There is no technical or non-technical means of tracking your responses. Having anonymous, candid, and constructive responses are of utmost importance for the student assessment process to work effectively. With this objective in mind, the system is designed so that only ONE survey can be completed by each registered student for each course.

To access the evaluation survey, adhere to the following for sign on:

NSU Network ID:
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(Example: Roy G. Bivens)
User Name = r.g.bivens
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The password you use to logon to your NSU profile (NSU LAN) - this may differ from your password for Blackboard, or your new Outlook Live password.
Course Evaluation System

Fall 2020 COURSES
Online Course Evaluation period is now closed!!

Attention Students: Your assistance is needed! Please provide feedback about your course instruction at Norfolk State University. Please take advantage of the opportunity to “voice” your opinion to let your instructors know what you think. The Course Evaluation period will open on Friday, November 06, 2020 and close Monday, November 23, 2020.

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