Saturday, October 20, 2018

  1. Registration deadline is Sunday, September 30, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

  2. All accepted participants must sign the enclosed waiver and return it with your application. Vehicles used in the parade MUST supply a current insurance form with the completed application.  Only vehicles listed on the application will be allowed to participate in the parade.

  3. The Homecoming Parade Committee reserves the right to restrict, limit, accept, or reject any unit application.  If your group is accepted for parade participation, you will receive a confirmation letter and additional parade information by Friday, October 5, 2018.

  4. All participants should arrive no later than 6:30a.m. and report to the registration tent. The Homecoming Parade Committee reserves the right to revise the placement of all entrants. Therefore, groups that do not report to the registration tent may be reassigned to another division or unit. All entrants must be on time and have a completed application on file by Sunday, September 30, 2018.

  5. No entrant may enter the parade line up and parade route after the parade has started.

  6. All participants should reflect the theme and spirit of the homecoming parade.

  7. Entrants having children under age 18 must provide parents or other adult chaperones to supervise and walk alongside the parade route.

  8. Adults MUST accompany and supervise children, youth organizations, school groups, or non-profit groups with children participating.

  9. Parade participants are NOT allowed to distribute candy, pamphlets or other materials before, during or after the parade. This rule will be strictly enforced and the violation is subject to a fine, and/or not being allowed to participate in future parades.

  10. For safety reasons, all living things on a moving entry MUST be secured. No one is allowed to ride on a running board, hood, roof or vehicle fender.

  11. All float drivers' (any person operating a vehicle) shall have a valid driver's license and be a competent float driver. All other required permits, including float safety checklists must be in the possession of the driver.

  12. Only business entrants with sponsorship rights may display a company name-all others must be covered with decorations.

  13. No political slogans or materials may be displayed or distributed without the consent of the NSU administration.

  14. The parade will be a FORWARD MOTION parade. Entrants must start at the designated starting point and complete the entire parade route.

  15. The Parade Chairpersons/Officials will be in charge and reserve the right to dismiss any entrant who does not abide by parade rules. Parade officials have the right to reject, reclassify, or remove any unit that does not follow the Parade Rules or the decisions of the Parade Chairpersons.

  16. Parade Officials will follow the parade and their authority must be respected.

  17. Additional rules may be provided at registration. We reserve the right to revise the placement of all entrants.

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