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Security Awareness New User Training


Test Your Knowledge of Policy
60.201: Acceptable Use of Technological Resources

The Security Awareness Training is an important part of NSU's IT Security program.  The tutorial will present you with several questions which will also provide you with information about keeping your computer and data secure.

This introductory quiz takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and provides important basic information about computer security. The initial login will capture the userís information and log the completion of the quiz by each user


The tutorial will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

To begin the tutorial, please enter your name below:  

I understand that this is an introductory quiz and I am required to complete the comprehensive MOAT Information Security Awareness Training within 30 days from the date my network account is activated. Furthermore, I understand that failure to comply will result in my account being terminated. (MOAT instructions will be delivered via email to your NSU email account)
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