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Work-Study Request for the Spring 2020 Term
Dr. Kathleen Thomas
Posted date:
Aug 15 2019
Job Title:
Laboratory Assistant-Exercise Physiology And Anatomy Lab
Job Type:
Federal Job
Work Location:
Brambleton Center, 909 Marshall Avenue, NSU Campus
No. of Jobs:
Hours per week:
Pay per hour:
A junior or senior Exercise Science major or second semester sophomore would best fill this job. This would require a passing grade in Anatomy and Physiology and preferably Anatomical Kinesiology. Predominate job site will be the Brambleton Recreation Center. Lab assistants will be responsible for but not limited: 1. Cleaning and replacing water and chemicals in the Syndaver tanks (2 of them) on a bi-weekly basis. Must work in pairs. 2. Maintaining cleanliness of the laboratory equipment (VO2 spirometry, making sure weight room is tidy, etc.) 3. Assist with Exercise physiology assessments and research to include Max VO2, submaximal bike test, skinfold measurements, functional movement screening (FMS), etc. 4. Assist with scheduling of various testing sessions. 5. Apply knowledge of anatomy to assist (if available) with dissection of Syndavers for testing purposes. 6. Assist with sewing up the syndavers
Passing grade in Anatomy and Physiology and preferably Anatomical Kinesiology. First Aid/CPR Certified Preferred. Must be awarded Federal work-study for the fall 2019 term.
Field of Study:
Exercise Science Major

Contact Information:
Dr. Kathleen Thomas
909 Marshall Avenue, NSU Campus
City, State-Zip:
Norfolk, Va-23504